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We strive for quality in training


At Aeropole, we don’t just teach you, we mentor you. Comprehensive training agreements, straightforward pricing and a people-first attitude is our philosophy. You will get training and service personalised for your needs.


Our passion is your skills and knowledge. We have created pedagogically efficient and modern training programmes that go far beyond the minimum requirements of our competitors. All of the training we provide is stringently scrutinised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Finland under European Aviation Law.


Our aircraft and simulators are equipped with the newest aviation technology and were hand-picked by our instructors for their comfortable handling and outstanding safety record. Electronic glass-cockpit flight displays and ultra-efficient aircraft engines will make you enjoy the essence of flying.


Seasoned aviators, experts in their profession and passionate about teaching. Our girls and guys really know what flying is about. Professional pilots with thousands of flying hours under their belts, our instructors are teaching and safety experts.

Studying at Aeropole gave me good readiness for a career as an airline pilot. The school provided me good flying skills and solid theoretical knowledge, not forgetting the problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to new situations by developing myself independently.

Miikka now flies an ATR 72 at Nordic Regional Airlines Norra

Aeropole’s modern fleet, nice staff, and the ability to learn at your own pace guaranteed an efficient learning environment to me. Aeropole’s teachers take their job seriously and constantly encourage to learn more. I recommend Aeropole to everybody who value a great team spirit and a treatment as an individual!
Peter now flies an Embraer E190 at Nordic Regional Airlines Norra

Aeropole drew my attention due to its brand new Diamond fleet and the superb customer
service given since the first email contact. As a non-EASA license conversion student, I was
seeking to fly PBN and Glass Cockpit with good instruction and plain English. I can
guarantee I could accomplish these goals with Aeropole’s service and it was indeed the best
option for my pilot career in Europe.

Gabriel converted his Brazilian pilot’s license into a European license during 2020

I chose Aeropole due to its fast and friendly customer service and professionalism. The ability to work at the same time was a big asset. My training was completed very quickly, in just 11,5 months (I had a PPL when I joined). The best thing about the training was the instructors who treated every student as an individual. The instructors are demanding to make sure the student reaches the best possible level of proficiency. The promises given at the beginning were held until the end of the training. Support and tips for getting the first job were a strong asset that not every school is able to provide.

Olli was hired by an airline the same week as he graduated

I wanted to share my token of appreciation for all your help and support that made it possible to do my FAA license conversion. I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and professionalism of the whole team. The quality and efficiency of Aeropole are exceptional and I will be happy to return to beautiful Finland in the future to continue on any further ratings with you. Great job!

Bart converted his American Private Pilot’s License with Aeropole during the summer of 2021

I chose Aeropole because of its modern learning environment, relaxed atmosphere and professsional service. I loved that my wishes, schedules and development ideas were taken into account, and I could advance my studies with my own pace. I really recommend Aeropole as you can influence your own studies, and it’s fun, too!
Tomi got his first job as a flight instructor at Aeropole and now flies a CRJ900 at Cityjet

Services for your needs

Our services comprise complete training packages, from ab-initio to a private pilot or the full professional pilot package. We also provide modular courses targeted to your needs. You can choose a turnkey solution or pick your training packages by hand. Ask for our help to choose the modules or inquire for fully tailored service to complete your training needs. In addition, we’re happy to offer our aircraft for rental after your training or help you to acquire your own.

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