Further Ground School Dates for 2012

Further PPL ground school dates for spring 2012 are announced as per below. See the earlier news posting for dates prior to these. If you think one or more dates don’t suit your agenda, don’t feel left out but contact us so that we can negotiate on additional sessions! For passing the theoretical PPL training, you’ll need to attend one of each four sessions, but it does not matter in which order.

Sat 10-Mar-2012 09:00-15:00: GS #3: COM, OPS, GFS, MET <– mark your calendars now!

Sat 14-Apr-2012 09:00-15:00: GS #4: NAV, FPP, BIT <– mark your calendars now!

Sat 12-May-2012 09:00-15:00: GS #1: AGK, HPL <– mark your calendars now!

Sat 09-Jun-2012 09:00-15:00 GS #2: POF, AL <– mark your calendars now!