Night Flying Theories on Sat Mar 3rd (in Finnish)

The next Night Flying Theories will be arranged on Sat March 3rd, 2012, at our facilities in the main building of the Helsinki-Malmi airport, in Finnish. Theories at only 285 EUR, then flights on a DA40/G1000 for 1,965 EUR.

The theory session will be held in English from 10 am till 3 pm on Sat the 3rd of March. Flights will be scheduled individually according to each customer’s wishes. The day is quickly becoming longer but with the improving spring weather conditions you’ll stand a good chance still at getting your NF rating before summer! The prices include VAT 23% and are all you need — there’s no skill test or CAA exam involved.

If you have never flown on a DA40/G1000 before, this is also a good opportunity to get checked out on it, starting with a daytime flight of course; on the whole you will win a little by combining the two types of training.