IR/CPL/ATPL Ground School

Recently updated. We will organise the next ATPL/CPL/IR-level ground school (GS #1) on 19-22nd February 2013 with information sessions taking place prior to that. The two information sessions have largely the same content. The rest of 2013 schedule has also been published.

Feburary 2013 (GS #1)

*** Fri 8-Feb-2012 at 18.30-19.30 Course Info session (Study Guidance) and News Update *** (voluntary)

*** Thu 14-Feb-2012 at 17h-18h Course Info session (Study Guidance) and News Update *** (voluntary)

Tue  19-Feb-2012 16-20 VCOM/ICOM: Communications VFR/IFR (in Finnish)

Wed 20-Feb-2012 08-16 AL: Air Law & ATC Procedures

Wed 20-Feb-2012 16-18 HPL: Human Performance & Limitations, Psychology (in Finnish)

Thu 21-Feb-2012 08-16 OPS: Operational Procedures

Thu 21-Feb-2012 16-18 HPL: Human Performance & Limitations, Physiology (in Finnish)

Fri 22-Feb-2012 08.30-16.30 MET: Meteorology

This is designed to form a part of the new approved CPL or IR D/L course of theoretical studies. Clients are welcome to participate even if it was only in preparation of later enrolling on the approved course.

NB: ATPL clients: aim at one or two subjects only due to the limited time for preparation. IR/CPL clients may prefer to do the same. HPL and VCOM/ICOM are amongst the easiest!