Diamond Simulation DA42 NG Now Approved!

After a hectic project over the past couple of months, Aeropole obtains approval for its new Diamond Simulation DA42 trainer at the FNPT II level in record time! The Finnish CAA “Trafi” has today granted an approval certificate for this FNPT II simulation device without limitations. The device is a great pedagogic asset in training future instrument and airline pilots, and Aeropole offers the device also to third parties for controlled training use — ask for a quote on block hours. Outside training on approved courses, anyone can buy simulator time by the hour: to get the device flying faster, the introductory price offer of 95 eur/h (incl. 24% VAT) is extended till end of Nov 2013*. (Count an additional 47.90 eur/h (VFR) or 59.70 eur/h (IFR) for instructor.)

* Does not apply to approved courses, ME (asymmetric) training, on DA42 type differences training, and is not cumulable with other possible offers. It does apply to differences training for the DA40 and other non-approved single-engine piston simulation. This offer does not entitle to credit in the client’s pilot log book. (Compare to normal prices.) You can rent the device by the hour for self-practice without a flight instructor, but at minimum the lowest instructor fee is charged for the briefing time and supervision, as is mandatory for this type of a device.