MEP(A) Class Rating Course Begins

Aeropole organises the MEP(A) class rating course on a brand new DA42NG-VI starting in 2nd half of June 2014. Book your seat in the theory class NOW!

The course consists of

  • 2 h simulator training and 6 h on aircraft for the MEP class rating itself (VFR)
  • +optionally for IR holders: 4 h simulator training and 2 h on aircraft for the class-specific IR add-on (MEP/IR for holders of MEP  class rating and the SEP/IR rating)
  • 8 h of theoretical instruction

Flights and simulator training will be flexibly organised according to your schedules, and so can a small part of the theory to get you started (if you need a quick start), but please note that the theory module is being offered as classroom lectures in the second half of June. Cast your vote for its timing on Doodle! (It’s a confidential poll: only we will see answers or who has answered.)

You can buy the theoretical training separately at 890 EUR (incl. VAT 24%, price valid till 30-Jun-2014).

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