LAPL(A) Now Available!

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is now available at Aeropole! LAPL lowers the threshold to get your very own pilot’s licence, since the training requirement is only 30 h of flight time as opposed to 45 h for the Private Pilot Licence, or PPL. Requirements for theoretical traning are the same for LAPL and PPL. Additionally, you may continue from LAPL to PPL by just completing the rest of the 15 h — and can make that decision later. LAPL(A) entitles you to carry max. 3 passengers on aircraft with maximum take-off weight less than 2 tonnes.

LAPL is not a so-called ultralight licence, but entitles you to fly “real” aeroplanes, that is type-certificated aircraft—with certain restrictions. In practice the 2-tonne limit allows you to fly any 4-seater you may get your hands on. Ultalight pilots note! You can get significant credit for previous flight experience.