Night Flying (NF) Course in October 2015

Aeropole will organise a night flying (NF(A) rating) course in October. The course consists of ground school lessons and practical flying instruction.

Theory on October 19th, 2015 at 15–20 LT at Helsinki-Malmi Airport.

An intensive NF(A) flying course will be held at Kuopio Airport (EFKU) on October 22th through 25th and October 29th through November 1st. Flight training is also available as per your individual schedule at EFHF, EFJY and EFKU airports.

Course fee 2285 EUR (DA40NG G1000), including VAT 24%. Theory only: 285 EUR.

Night flying is usually the next thing on a pilot’s wish list after the basic private pilot licence (PPL). You’ll need to undergo a short theoretical training and a minimum of five hours of practical flight training. No flight skill test is needed; only the course is required. The NF(A) rating never expires.

The NF rating will permit you to fly at night in visual flight conditions (VFR, Visual Flight Rules). Night VFR flying is definitely more demanding than VFR flying in daytime, and it is also subject to more stringent weather minimums: it may not be your carte blanche to long cross-country trips at night except on very clear nights, but it certainly is a useful rating to have when planning cross-country trips that would finish in the dusk hours or, in case of delay, at night. If you plan to become a professional pilot, night flying skills and experience are a must.