Aeropole Becomes the Official Diamond Distributor for Finland

Aeropole is now also the official Diamond Aircraft Industries representative in Finland for selling all new Diamond aircraft: the DA62, DA42-VI, DA40NG as well as the DA20i Katana. The agreement recently signed between Aeropole Oy and Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH of Austria formalises the many years of practical co-operation the companies have already carried out in the past both commercially and when it comes to technical support. Becoming a reseller emphasises Aeropole’s commitment to Diamond aircraft also in its training activity.

In larger countries and markets with much bigger sales volumes than in Finland, it is customary to see flight schools and dedicated resellers acting as separate entities. In small markets like Finland, where new aircraft sales are infrequent, it makes sense to buy the aircraft from a representative who is already present throughout the country by other means, who at the same time operates itself a fleet of similar aircraft and can provide the after-sales support to its local clients. Aeropole is exactly that kind of partnerin Finland for Diamond Aircraft Industries.

In addition to selling new Diamond aircraft, Aeropole is active also on the secondary market of used aircraft, and offers a care-taking service so that the customer’s (new or used) aircraft will always be maximally ready for his or her next flight. In addition, Aeropole’s customers can benefit from a turnkey service where Aeropole carries out the used aircraft purchase as a well-defined project together with the customer. Read more about Aeropole Executive.