Aeropole Denmark Gets One More Diamond!

Again a new bird in one of our nests — this time it’s Aeropole Denmark and Aalborg (EKYT) in particular that can offer also the familiar DA40-TDI/G1000 for rental and as an all-round VFR and IFR school plane. Pick-up of OH-KAN is scheduled for mid-February at the Diamond factory in Wiener Neustadt. Although the plane  originally dates from 2008, it’s in like-new condition after a very thorough overhaul at the Diamond factory culminating in fresh paint and livery in Aeropole colours. The engine is a very recent Technify (a.k.a Thielert or Centurion) 2.0 litres with only 100 hours on it, and the propeller is also practically new. The plane also has the KAP140 autopilot. Needless to say we are very happy in Aalborg now to have our hangar full of Diamonds: something for everyone (DA20-C1, DA40-TDI, DA40NG, plus the visiting DA42NG-VI upon need).


OH-KAN at the Diamond factory.