Cessna 152 II’s Available

There just aren’t enough Diamonds around, so we added the venerable C152 to our fleet — or actually, six (6) of them. For the Sunday drivers and others who’d rather just spend time in a thing that flies slow and low, but still do that in a real aeroplane, the two-seater Cessna 152 II  is the cost-effective choice. Initially available for rent in Helsinki (180 €/h) and Jyväskylä (210 €/h) in Finland, and soon also in Roskilde Denmark. Prices are wet, based on airborne time plus a fixed 8-minute taxi surplus (not the whole block time or let alone Hobbs time) in autonomous rental activity, inclusive of all taxes, insurance, etc. We keep them all in a hangar where ever they are based, under a CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) and don’t do any pilot-owner stuff for maintenance, only Part-M Subpart F or Part-145. They do have decent instrumentation and radios, and are approved for Night VFR, and are generally kept nice and tidy so they may not be your average club planes though. It’s a journey back in time, but still, we want to do that in style.