About Aeropole

We at Aeropole are passionate about providing you with the best customer service, be it excellent flight training, maintenance/repair service or selling outstanding aircraft. As a school our aim is to be the number one flight school in Northern Europe in terms of quality and safety. Our promise to you is to provide superior quality in customer service, training, equipment and personnel.

Excellent customer service

We will only make promises that we can keep. This means to-the-point and fair training agreements, easy-to-understand pricing and open communication when things change. Training schedules are individually tailored to your needs, be it during regular working hours or evenings and weekends.

Professional and Talented Instructors

Our instructors have hundreds, if not thousands of hours of experience as instructors and most have airline or charter flight experience. They are with us because they find instructing rewarding and are passionate about quality — not just to clock up more flight hours. That said, the quality of instructing does not rest on individual instructor’s shoulders, but is nurtured by our methodical approach to quality in our organisation and learning.

Quality in Training

We have a highly pedagogic approach to training. We are not here to show off our flying skills or experience, but to train our students to be safe and confident pilots, whether their flying objectives are professional or for leisure. We have taken a fresh approach with a training and quality system not seen in any other Finnish flight school before. Our teaching methods are tried and tested world-class systems, which we have adapted and further improved upon for the local Nordic environment — and they fully comply and exceed European aviation regulations.

Modern Training Aircraft

Our training aircraft are state-of-the-art, perfect for training and have an extremely good safety record (in fact, the best in the industry.) We dare claim to operate the newest and most modern training fleet in our price category. Our students get to train on glass cockpit aircraft, but we also do teach on traditional instruments, not to forget that there’s still a large base of legacy cockpits out there.

Specialised Maintenance Service

Our aircraft maintenance staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable with Diamond aircraft in particular, but also with other technically advanced modern GA aircraft, such as Cirrus and glass cockpits in general. Of course we also serve owners of more traditional aircraft as need may be (e.g. Cessna, Piper, Tecnam, Vulcanair…), but we try not to stretch our resources too thin across all possible makes and models. Austro and Continental Diesel engines fall in our specialty, while our mechanics also have a lot of experience with traditional Lycoming, Contintental and Rotax engines.

New Diamond Aircraft

As the Diamond distributor for Denmark, Sweden and Finland, we not only sell new aircraft but also are keen on ensuring customers buying aircraft get the full support in terms of maintenance and training. In Finland we offer the full palette ourselves. In Denmark we sell new Diamonds and also provide training while in maintenance we partner with local service centres. In Sweden there already is an established network of both Diamond schools and and service centres that we prefer to partner with, so ourselves we focus mainly on selling new aircraft, and helping our customers and partners with our maintenance services when needed.