To support our growth especially in Denmark, we are now looking for a

Country/Base Manager (Roskilde, Denmark)

  • This can be a part-time or full-time position, depending on candidate’s initial situation. With time, we’d expect the role to stabilise as a full-time position.
  • Stationed at: Roskilde, Denmark and/or Aalborg, Denmark. Preferably you would be able to develop activities in both bases, but developing business in Copenhagen/Roskilde is where the current need is biggest.
  • This is a senior management position whereby the availability to work flexible hours (including sometimes weekends) is expected.
  • This is not an administrative position but a business development post, where you will be supported by the current Managing Director. Depending on your profile and seniority, you may be able to later take on the positions of the Managing Director (Denmark) and/or Accountable Manager (DK/ATO/011).
  • The Country/Base Manager is expected to be actively involved in marketing. See also here for the Denmark Marketing Manager/Director role, which may be combined with that of Country/Base Manager, in case marketing is close to your heart.


  • Knowledge of the basic flight training (ab initio to frozen ATPL) business.
  • Sales and sales management experience is a strong asset.
  • Experience with doing hands-on marketing and marketing management is an asset.
  • Quality management experience is a an asset.
  • Financial and HR management experience is an asset.
  • Ability to perform ATO postholder functions is an asset.
  • Previous experience as a Flight Instructor, Pilot or Maintenance Manager can be an asset, however not necessary.

We don’t necessarily expect you to master all of the above yourself, alone, but we expect you to have solid professional skills and a client-facing attitude. You will be supported by a small team to begin with, and we expect you to be the key actor in driving revenue growth and building the team by recruiting further key members.

You will report directly to the Chairman of the Group and become a member of the Group’s Executive Board.

This position is now open, starting upon agreement. We do not want to fix a specific deadline for applications but will screen applications on an ongoing basis, meaning the earlier you apply the better chances you have. Apply now! Once we no longer want application for this position, we will remove this job posting.

To apply, send your CV and a free-form application to

Aeropole Denmark ApS is a quality-first flight school focusing on modular course offerings and modern, technically advanced aircraft, and is a Diamond Aircraft distributor in Denmark. Aeropole Denmark ApS is part of the Aeropole group of companies. The growing Aeropole Group differs from the average flight schools also by the career growth possibilities it offers to driven individuals willing to grow together with Aeropole.