For sale: DA40-180, Year 2006, OH-KAJ, s/n 40.693

Diamond Star with a Lycoming IO-360-M1A engine from 2006. Not a diesel version but the venerable 100LL Lycoming with a two-blade constant-speed Hartzell propeller, delivering 180 hp at MSL — a true four-seater. Yes, it’s got all the three levers. In recent years, kept in private use. G1000 and GFC700 autopilot, no WAAS. There’s no better personal IFR touring machine! Just over 2000 h, 2000-hour inspection and MSI already recently done.

Data as of Oct-2020 and subject to change.


  • TTSN 2080  h
  • Year of mfct 2006
  • Empty weight 791.5 kg, MTOW 1200 kg => 408.5 kg of utility! This is a true four-seater with range.


  • Type, power, TSO: A first-run Lycoming IO-360-M1A, 180 hp, 2080 h, TBO extension checked. Practically new magnetos (run for only 80 h), magneto selector (start key) switch also just replaced.


  • Type, TSO: Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF (2 blades), 80 h since overhaul

Other Features and Equipment

  • Autopilot: Garmin’s own integrated GFC700. This is one of the rare EASA-qualified GFC700 installations. Not to be compared with the old KAP140 alternative.
  • Avionics: G1000. (No WAAS, DME or ADF.) A full IFR panel with standby instruments. Mode S transponder. DME available for installation by our avionics shop if needed.
  • Other: Long-range fuel tanks (total 50 US gal), sheepskin on front seats.
  • Availability: From Dec 2020: Helsinki, Finland (EFHF). (In Nov 2020 visiting Aalborg, Denmark (EKYT), and available for inspection there.)

Price, Heads of Terms

  • Price: please inquire, 30% payable within 10 days from signature, the rest upon delivery.

While Aeropole undertakes to exercise due care and tries to obtain as accurate information from the owner, which may be other than Aeropole, as possible, all specifications are subject to change and subject to verification by buyer before final purchasing decision.

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