For sale: DA42NG s/n 42.097

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Aeropole has the pleasure to offer this meticulously maintained, always hangared DA42NG for sale. Data as of 15-Aug-2019.

This workhorse was upgraded from a DA42-TDI, originally produced in 2005, to a DA42NG by OSB 42-068 in 2012. All AD’s and SB’s complied with, including EASA 2018-0125, 2017-0250 etc.

MSI/2000h inspection accomplished at 3900 h TT.


  • TTSN 4500 h
  • Year of mfct 2005, NG upgrade in 2012
  • MTOM 1900 kg, MLM 1805 kg, BEM 1449.5 kg


  • Left   (type, power, TSO): Austro Engine E4-B, 168 hp, 780 h
  • Right (type, power, TSO): Austro Engine E4-B, 168 hp, 780 h


  • Left   (type, TSO): MT-Propeller MTV-6-R-C-F/CF187-129, 1290 h
  • Right (type, TSO): MT-Propeller MTV-6-R-C-F/CF187-129, 1605 h

Other Features and Equipment

  • Anti-ice: Full TKS system (Flight into Known Icing)
  • Oxygen: Built-in (OSB 42-023/1)
  • Autopilot: KAP140
  • Avionics: G1000 w/ FliteCharts, DME. (No WAAS or ADF.) Mode S transponder.
  • Other: Stormscope WX-500. Aux fuel tanks (2 x +13 USgal)
  • Availability: Immediate at EFTP/EFHF.


  • Price: 375’000 € net.

NB: While Aeropole undertakes to exercise due care and tries to obtain as accurate information from the owner, which may be other than Aeropole, as possible, all specifications are subject to change and subject to verification by buyer before final purchasing decision.

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