Diamond DA62 Earns the Fliegermagazin Award

German aviation magazine Fliegermagazin has once again awarded the best general aviation products and their providers at the AERO Friedrichshafen fair. The awards were given in nine different categories, and were chosen based on the votes of Fliegermagazin’s readers.

One of the award recipients was the Diamond DA62, which won first prize in the Twin-Engine category. This twin-engine aircraft has proven to be a versatile and reliable choice among general aviators. Its modern design and powerful engines ensure a smooth flying experience, and its spacious interior allows for up to six passengers to travel together with the pilot.

The Diamond DA62 is also an extremely cost-effective choice, with excellent fuel efficiency and reasonable maintenance costs. This makes it an attractive option for both quality-conscious private individuals and businesses seeking smooth travel experiences.

Diamond’s flagship twin-engine aircraft is equipped with two Austro Engine AE330 engines, which offer top-of-the-line performance even for demanding pilots. The DA62’s cockpit features a Garmin G1000 NXi avionics system, which provides pilots with quickly accessible crucial information about the flight, enhancing both the flying experience and safety.

The aircraft’s interior is spacious and modern, offering a pleasant travel experience for both pilots and passengers. The DA62 seats up to seven people, and its ample cargo space provides plenty of room for luggage. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses, families, and groups of friends. The aircraft’s cabin is highly customizable to suit your preferences, of course.

Danish Airshow on June 19th, 2022

The Danish Airshow is here again!

The gates will open for the public at Karup airport on June 19th, 2022. The show begins at 10.00 o’clock, but the doors will be open already from 07.00 in the morning. The Danish Airforce will host the event, and there will be exciting military and civilian participants from all over the world showing their best maneuvres! The entrance is free of charge.

Aeropole will also be there with our Diamonds and pilots, who are glad to tell you more about your possibility of becoming a professional or private pilot! If you are fancy about acquiring your very own aircraft, we will be happy to help you with that as well.

Meet us in Pori Airshow on June 18th and 19th, 2022!

Aeropole will be present at Pori Airshow, the main aviation event of the year in Finland. The airshow is going to take place on the 18th and 19th of June, 2022. The doors will be open for the public from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

We will be glad to tell you about private and professional pilot training. We will fly there with our two state-of-the-art Diamond aircraft, DA40 and DA42. Our staff and students will be happy to share their experiences and thoughts about a career as a pilot. As an official sales representative of Diamond Aircraft, we will also be happy to tell you more about acquiring your very own aircraft!

Visit the event’s official website for more details. Welcome!

Aeropole Featured in the Press

The Finnish aviation magazine “Ilmailu” (“Aviation”), one of the oldest and most largely-distributed aviation magazines in Northern Europe, recently featured Aeropole’s Finland operations in its article titled “Aeropole Goes Against the Flow”. See the online version here.

Ground School Schedules for 2022 Now Online!

The ATPL/CPL/IR ground school schedules for 2022 are now published and available on our website. We will organize three ground school sessions in English, so if you start studying now, you can get your ATPL theoretical certificate by the end of 2022 – in just over a year!

In order to take the next step towards a career as a professional pilot, contact us to get your course started!

Diamond DA50 RG in Roskilde on Mon 30th, in Kolding-Vamdrup and Aalborg on Tue 31st of August, 2021!

The Diamond DA50 RG soars the European skies during its demo tour in August! Now it is your time to check out the newest member of the Diamond family at our premises in Roskilde (EKRK, Hangarvej E 14) on Monday, August 30th, 2021, 11:00 to 18:00. On Tuesday, August 31st, 2021, we’ll be featuring the DA50 RG in Kolding-Vamdrup (EKVD) from 11:00 to 13:00 and ending the tour in Aalborg (EKYT), where the aircraft show its ramp appeal from 15:00 till 18:00 local time!

The DA50 RG is the most sophisticated and comfortable single-engine aircraft in its class, equipped with a retractable landing gear, a state-of-the-art avionics system, and a 300-hp engine burning only 9 gph. The sleek design and high-quality interior provide you and your passengers a safe, economical, and enjoyable trip wherever your journey takes you to! The well-recognised German aviation magazine Fliegermagazin granted the powerful DA50 RG its best new aircraft in 2021 award based on votes from their readers.

As the official sales representative of Diamond Aircraft Industries in Finland and Denmark, Aeropole is pleased to receive the Diamond DA50 RG and the factory team in Roskilde (EKRK), Kolding-Vamdrup (EKVD) and Aalborg (EKYT) on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st of August 2021. We welcome all pilots and prospective new owners to come and check out the new Diamond DA50 RG on the ground; demo flights will be arranged on an individual basis by appointment.  The occasion will take place in and by Aeropole’s hangar in Roskilde (Hangarvej E 14) at 11:00–18:00 on Monday 30th, and on Tuesday 31st we’ll be showing it first at Kolding by Air Service Vamdrup around noon, and then in the afternoon in Aalborg.

Welcome to take a good look! Contact us to fix a personal appointment if you’ve already got your mind set on the DA50 RG or would just otherwise like to learn about buying a new Diamond of any type!

Covid-19 Measures and Service Levels

As of July 2020 we can serve our clients practically without restrictions — in practice only flights to/from Sweden are discouraged, although possible with a good reason.

Information below was valid as of Tue 24-Mar-2020 for operations in Finland. 

Due to the situation with the Corona virus, Aeropole has also had to adapt its service delivery accordingly and is trying to do its best to slow down the propagation of the virus and to mitigate the various consequences it has on the company operations. As of this writing, Aeropole continues both practical flight training as well as theory instruction, and services are provided at almost normal levels, bearing in mind we need to take special measures under these special times.

As a general rule, we are declining visitors during these times, but one-on-one instruction on a confirmed appointment is possible.

Flight Operations and Maintenance

Aircraft Rental

Aircraft rental is still possible almost as usual—only flights abroad are forbidden until further notice. This applies to PIC flights by Diamond Cadets, any skill tests/proficiency checks/assessments of competence, as well as any other aircraft rental. We have lowered the daily reservation minimums for most aircraft and are not charging for even last-minute cancellations if made for health reasons.

Practical Flight Training

Operations continue normally, with regular disinfection of cockpits and shared computers, larger separation of flight planning desks etc. Luckily, in the kind of 1:1 tuition that flight training is, a single instructor instructing only a handful of clients, each one by one, we are not in the highest risk.


Our aircraft maintenance organisation continues to operate as normally as possible, given the circumstances.

Theoretical Instruction

Now it is obviously a good moment to catch up on theoretical studies at home. Theoretical instruction continues as much as possible, given instructor availability.

Ground Schools

Physical attendance is strongly discouraged and instead, now is a great time to try out the virtual attendance option. We will limit the number of physical attendees to 4-6 case by case and depending on classroom size.

However listening-in attendees, i.e. those who have not fulfilled the necessary GS prerequisites to get the attendance mark, are not allowed to participate: neither in classroom (to lower the contamination risk), nor virtually (in order to preserve the bandwidth to those in bigger need).

Registration in advance is required as usual, but we reserve the right to prioritise attendees based on their stage of studies and real needs and hence to refuse attendance in some cases.

Last-minute cancellations due to instructor availability (or more stringent health measures later on) are of course possible and more likely than normally.


Final Exam opportunities will be provided on a limited, prioritised, as-needed basis. First-attempt candidates will be prioritised. Please make extra sure during these times that you have a high likelihood of passing the exam on the first attempt!

By default the responsibility of organising the CAA (Traficom) exams rests with the CAA, who have on 17-Mar suspended offering them at Kumpulantie in Helsinki until 14-Apr and informed they would provide extra opportunities on 15-16 April. The convenience option of sitting CAA exams at Aeropole’s premises is more or less suspended and reserved for really high-priority cases only.

This information is valid on the date above written and may change without prior notice, especially if competent authorities mandate compulsory other measures. We hope you can focus on your flight training even in these difficult times, knowing that your health and that of our staff is of paramount importance to us all at Aeropole.

Cessna 152 II’s Available

There just aren’t enough Diamonds around, so we added the venerable C152 to our fleet — or actually, six (6) of them. For the Sunday drivers and others who’d rather just spend time in a thing that flies slow and low, but still do that in a real aeroplane, the two-seater Cessna 152 II  is the cost-effective choice. Initially available for rent in Helsinki (180 €/h) and Jyväskylä (210 €/h) in Finland, and soon also in Roskilde Denmark. Prices are wet, based on airborne time plus a fixed 8-minute taxi surplus (not the whole block time or let alone Hobbs time) in autonomous rental activity, inclusive of all taxes, insurance, etc. We keep them all in a hangar where ever they are based, under a CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) and don’t do any pilot-owner stuff for maintenance, only Part-M Subpart F or Part-145. They do have decent instrumentation and radios, and are approved for Night VFR, and are generally kept nice and tidy so they may not be your average club planes though. It’s a journey back in time, but still, we want to do that in style.

Price Changes – Roskilde, Denmark

As of 09-Jul-2019, we are happy to offer the DA40NG in Roskilde for rental to qualified pilots at a lowered price of 1992 DKK/h (VAT 0%) based on airtime + a fixed 8-minute taxi time. Furthermore, for initial type checkouts in Roskilde, a reduced rate of 396 DKK (VAT 0%) per instructor’s hour will be applied. VAT is added or not, as applicable. See our Denmark price list.

Aeropole Denmark får en 2017 DA40NG i Roskilde!

Aeropole Denmark ApS har netop fået sin nyeste Diamond, den bliver permanent baseret i Roskilde, hvor Aeropole Denmark har styrket sin tilstedeværelse med investeringer i hangar og kontorområder af højeste kvalitet.

Denne DA40NG, OH-WOW fra 2017, kan lejes af kvalificerede piloter efter endt checkout, og så er den i øvrigt vores primære maskine til alt Single Engine IR træning i Roskilde. OH-WOW har Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, Garmin GFC700 autopilot, WAAS, Avidyne Traffic Advisory System, WX-500 Stormscope, og Jeppesen Flitecharts for at nævne nogle af goderne. Den cruiser 140 knob ved FL100 takket være dens økonomiske 168 hk Austro Engine, hvilket giver DA40NG over 7 timers endurance og mere nyttelast end de ældre TDI-varianter.

Til alle interesserede IFR piloter, har den praktisk talt alle PBN-godkendelser i dens kategori (B-RNAV, P-RNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV, osv.).

En DA40NG som denne kan blive din om et års tid hvis du bestiller en nu (pris ca. 480.000 €). Kontakt os allerede nu! Aeropole Denmark er officielle Diamond forhandlere i Danmark. For er du interesseret i at leje vores maskine, så er den tilgængelig for 2280 DKK/t (pris uden moms). Vilkår og betingelser er gældende. Prisændringer kan forekomme.