Our maintenance shop is equipped and staffed to provide the full breadth of services including but not limited to:

  • Annual inspections
  • Major structural inspections
  • Composite repairs
  • CAPS parachute and airbag belt inspections
  • Paintwork, tapings
  • LED light conversions
  • …and much more!


While we do not presently perform such total engine overhauls at our own facilities that would zero your engine hours, we do offer practically all other maintenance and repair works for most aircraft engine types, both avgas and diesel. Whether your engine is running rough, lighting up an ECU FAIL caution, or coming to the end of its life so that you need a new one (factory new, rebuilt or overhauled), we have a solution for you.

  • Austro Engine
  • Continental Aerospace Technologies™
  • Lycoming®* Engines
  • Rotax

Engine Oils

  • AeroShell

Actual scope of services available may depend on maintenance location and vary over time. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

*Lycoming®* is a registered trademark of Textron Innovations Inc. Any reference to Lycoming®* or associated trademarks, word marks, and products is only for purposes of identifying engines with which Continental Prime™ parts are compatible, or for which Continental® offers maintenance services. Continental Prime™ parts compatible with Lycoming®* engines are aftermarket parts and are not original equipment parts. Continental® is not connected to, affiliated with, or sponsored by, or endorsed by Textron Innovations Inc. or Lycoming®* Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation, or any of their affiliated Companies.