Alexey Tikhomirov

What I like the most in Aeropole is that I’ve got invaluable and unique experience during the flying practice. In Aeropole I was not limited by standard routes and schedules as it’s common for typical flight schools. By the end of training I’ve logged 43 airfields in 6 countries and I’ve flown different aircraft as well, including 2 versions of DA42, 3 versions of DA40, DA20 and C152. I’ve experienced various situations and conditions, which are essential to go through in order to become confident and decisive enough for a future career as a pilot. Regardless, I don’t have any doubts about the safety. Modern, well-maintained fleet and experienced flight instructors ensure safe and smooth operations in Aeropole.

In 2021 it’s not an easy task to get a pilot job, but some seekers manage to do so. I started applying for a job in winter 2020 and one year later I’ve got an opportunity to join a European cargo airline operating turboprop aircraft.”

Alexey graduated from the Diamond Cadet program in 2020, and he was hired in 2021.