Axel Kalland

“As a flight school, Aeropole was very flexible and suited my needs perfectly. I was working full time when I started studying, and I was able to start studying at a very slow pace, and when I needed to get my ATPL studies finished fast, that was organized as well, and at the end of my studies, I was basically studying full time seven days a week. The instructors have variable backgrounds in military aviation, with airlines, and with charter operations and I think I learned different things from all of them. My best memory from my training was a three-day IFR flight trip around the Baltic Sea, which we did together with an instructor and another student in a Diamond DA40. Flying abroad at an early stage prepared me well for the different styles (and accents) of air traffic control all around Europe.

Now I’m flying the Embraer Phenom private jet for a German charter operator, and I feel like I’m having the dream job. Within the first month of working I’ve already visited and got to spend the night in London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Nice, Zurich and Geneva among other, smaller cities as well. For someone who likes traveling and seeing the world, I can truly recommend getting into business aviation, and with the training I got at Aeropole, starting the new job has been quite easy and stress-free.”

Axel landed on his dream job in 2021 and now flies an Embraer Phenom 100 as a first officer.