For Sale: Cessna 152 with New Engine!

A proven, sturdy workhorse for any flight school or the lowest-cost option for any private flying. Awaiting a new engine that will be installed in coming weeks!

No frills, but a lot of history: ADF and in excess of 11’000 h on the airframe. No issues with corrosion, and of course we wouldn’t sell it if we hadn’t fixed it up in a condition that we’d be happy to keep it. Sadly we’ll have to say goodbye to 1-2 of these “new” acquaintances in our flight school — we have to admit the math just doesn’t add up for the most modern flight school to have 5 of these!

Equipped for Night VFR, 25-kHz radio and Mode C transponder.


  • TTSN 11’270 h
  • Year of manufacture 1977
  • BEM 544.5 kg, MTOM 757 kg
  • S/n 15279955


  • Lycoming O-235-L2C, 108 hp, < 10 hours since leaving Lycoming factory! Not just any engine overhauled to zero hours but actually rebuilt by Lycoming — value nearing 50k€!


  • Sensenich 72CKS6-0-54

Avionics & Other

  • Bendix-King KX155A com radio (25-kHz spacing)
  • Garmin GTX320A transponder (mode A, C)
  • Garmin GMA340 audio panel
  • King ADF
  • Hobbs meter, handheld microphone, pitot heat

Other information

  • Engine preheater and cabin heat cabling installed for easier winter operations if ever stored outside.
  • Hangared and welcoming interested buyers at Malmi (EFHF) at the moment.
  • Will be good to go for another 50/100 h before next maintenance.


  • Ask €. Sold by Aeropole, hence VAT to be added if buyer is a private individual.

While Aeropole undertakes to exercise due care and tries to obtain as accurate information from the owner, which may be other than Aeropole, as possible, all specifications are subject to change and subject to verification by buyer before final purchasing decision.

For further information please contact us!