A reliable DA20-C1 from 2000, in top-notch shape, available in Finland. Sleek but sturdy training workhorse, as well as a slippery personal VFR touring machine.

Data as of 12-Apr-2021 and subject to change, as this workhorse it out on the field! Now fresh out of 100-hour service.


  • TTSN 6360 h
  • Year of mfct 2000
  • 6000-h maintenance performed in 12/2019 at TT 5999 h. The 6000-hour maintenance is the largest maintenance cycle on these Diamonds, and it means this one is as good as new save for aesthetic features. For example, the labourious job of exchanging the rudder control cables was done then, in 12/2019. Practically all linkages and moving parts replaced at that point. Cabin floor repainted, interior partly refurbished. Things have just been reworked to easily go trouble-free for the next 1-2,000 hours with the idea of us keeping it; however as it has a slightly different panel from the rest of our fleet we are now letting go of it as the first DA20-C1 in our fleet.
  • Some may call this the DA20-C1 “Eclipse” but as it does not have the rear windows of the Eclipse, the correct nickname is in fact “Evolution” — that’s the only difference between the two designations.


  • Injected Continental IO-240-B, 0-hour Continental Rebuilt engine installed in 11/2015 at TT 4676, meaning >500 h to go before TBO of 2200 h is reached. Plenty of calendar time left!


  • MT-Propeller MT175 R 150-2Ca, new installed on 1/2019 and only 350 h run so far.

Other Features and Equipment

  • COM1/NAV1 radio Bendix-King 155 TSO
  • Garmin GNC420 GPS/COM2
  • Garmin GTX330 mode S Transponder
  • PS Engineering intercom
  • External Power Unit (EPU) receptacle and circuitry. External 12-14V supply can thus be used for ground power and even starting if ever needed.
  • ELT
  • Standard features include:
    • Electric trim
    • Wheel fairings
    • Gust lock
    • Davtron digital clock with OAT and Voltage
    • Blue stripes and registration marks as sticker decals — easier for reregistering than painting.


  • Price: 125’000 € net.

NB: While Aeropole undertakes to exercise due care and tries to obtain as accurate information from the owner, which may be other than Aeropole, as possible, all specifications are subject to change and subject to verification by buyer before final purchasing decision.