Gabriel Archanjo

“Aeropole drew my attention due to its brand new Diamond fleet and the superb customer
service given since the first email contact. As a non-EASA licence conversion student I was
seeking to fly PBN and Glass Cockpit with good instruction and plain English. I can
guarantee I could accomplish these goals with Aeropole’s service and it was indeed the best
option for my pilot career in Europe.

For sure it was one of the best experiences I had in my pilot career! The opportunity to learn
at your own pace, to have calm and easygoing instructors – who also are good English
speakers – makes totally the difference for international students like me who are having
the first contact with European Aviation Industry. Staff and Managing Director are well detail-oriented, straightforward, real professionals, and always keen to help at any time with
accurate information. My overall experience with Aeropole was excellent!

The opportunity to fly into known ice and snow conditions were indeed the most remarkable
moments during my training with Aeropole. Despite the superb knowledge and confidence
you gain flying into these weather conditions, it makes the whole difficult non-EASA
conversion process more enjoyable and unique. Those are indeed great memories and
experiences which I will proudly have for the rest of my life.

My plan for the future is to keep gaining as much as possible knowledge in the international
aviation industry, either as a corporate or airline pilot. That way, in the late future, I will be
able to be a Managing Director or Chief Pilot in some flight school in Brazil and help the
aviation industry in my home country to get to another level.

Gabriel converted his Brazilian CPL/ME/IR into a European license with Aeropole during 2020.