Instruments and Avionics


Our maintenance shop is equipped and staffed to provide the full breadth of services including but not limited to:

  • Pitot-static system checks and calibration, including transponder encoder checks
  • Upgrades to Glass Cockpit/Instruments, e.g.
    • replacement of individual instruments with multi-instruments like the popular Garmin G5 or GI275, fitting into existing panel holes, or
    • upgrade to a more complete EFIS system like the newly EASA-certified Garmin 3X.
  • Resale of detached components — traditional gauges are often leftover from the glass upgrades, so ask us for a quote if you need a direct replacement.
  • …and much more!


We recommend a cost-saving LED light replacement for your navigation and strobe lights, beacon, and landing/taxi lights. These are nowadays often perfectly possible even without a dedicated EASA STC for it, on almost any type and model.

We have the full set of test equipment to make sure your avionics and other electrical consumers run reliably with longevity on proper alternator voltage and battery power. Our new maintenance hangar has been built with adequate battery rooms and an ESD-protected avionics and electrics workshop, underlining our commitment to quality processes and to offer an increasing range of services in the field of avionics and electrics.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs – we are here to make it happen!


While in Finland we may have a long transition period, did you realise the 8.33 kHz radios are already mandatory in large part of Europe and will also soon become mandatory in many other Nordic countries.

The same goes for S mode transponders.

Mode S and ADS-B Transponder Checks

We can perform the required transponder checks for all modern transponders, including mode S and ADS-B out.

Garmin Autopilot Checks

Need to have your GFC700 or other Garmin autopilot checked as part of a regular inspection? No need to wait for the turnaround of your servos elsewhere, as we can do this in Finland with the official Garmin test bench.

Popular Garmin Products for Retrofit

Consider having one or more of these Garmin bestsellers installed:

  • G3X Touch or G500 TXi “mini-EFIS”
  • GTN650 GPS/navcom transceiver (often the #1 radio)
  • GFC500 autopilot
  • GTR225A transceiver (often the #2 communications radio)
  • GTX335 (ADS-B out) and GTX345 (ADS-B in&out) S-mode transponders.
  • GNX375 combined ADS-B in&out transponder and GPS navigation display.
  • Add ADS-B in capability to your existing ADS-B out-only equipment.
  • The GNS430(W) product has been outphased, but should you need it, we may have one or two in stock, left over by upgrades.

Other Avionics Manufacturers

  • Golze ADL in-flight Iridium data link for weather

Antennas and Accessories

  • We can perform the necessary antenna and accessory installations not only in traditional aircraft with metal fuselages but also in composite materials that require specific considerations for the electromagnetic grounding plane.
  • Garmin GSB15 USB power outlet.

Actual scope of services available may depend on maintenance location and vary over time. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.