Cessna 152 II’s Available

There just aren’t enough Diamonds around, so we added the venerable C152 to our fleet — or actually, six (6) of them. For the Sunday drivers and others who’d rather just spend time in a thing that flies slow and low, but still do that in a real aeroplane, the two-seater Cessna 152 II  is the cost-effective choice. Initially available for rent in Helsinki (180 €/h) and Jyväskylä (210 €/h) in Finland, and soon also in Roskilde Denmark. Prices are wet, based on airborne time plus a fixed 8-minute taxi surplus (not the whole block time or let alone Hobbs time) in autonomous rental activity, inclusive of all taxes, insurance, etc. We keep them all in a hangar where ever they are based, under a CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) and don’t do any pilot-owner stuff for maintenance, only Part-M Subpart F or Part-145. They do have decent instrumentation and radios, and are approved for Night VFR, and are generally kept nice and tidy so they may not be your average club planes though. It’s a journey back in time, but still, we want to do that in style.

New Prices in Finland as of 01-Sep-2019

To maintain our promise to you and to be able to provide outstanding pilot training and customer service, we will be modifying our pricing with effect from September 1st, 2019 due to increased cost. The new prices will be updated on our Finland price list.

Price Changes – Roskilde, Denmark

As of 09-Jul-2019, we are happy to offer the DA40NG in Roskilde for rental to qualified pilots at a lowered price of 1992 DKK/h (VAT 0%) based on airtime + a fixed 8-minute taxi time. Furthermore, for initial type checkouts in Roskilde, a reduced rate of 396 DKK (VAT 0%) per instructor’s hour will be applied. VAT is added or not, as applicable. See our Denmark price list.

Aeropole Denmark Gets a 2017 DA40NG in Roskilde!

Aeropole Denmark ApS has just got its latest Diamond, and this one is going to be permanently based in Roskilde, where Aeropole Denmark is strengthening its presence also by investing in premium-quality hangar and office space in Hangarvej D/E.

This DA40NG, OH-WOW from 2017, is made available for rental to qualified pilots after a checkout and is of course the main tool for all IFR training in Roskilde, when a single engine suffices. OH-WOW has the Garmin GFC700 autopilot, WAAS, Avidyne Traffic Advisory System, WX-500 Stormscope, and Jeppesen Flitecharts to name a few of the goodies. At FL100 it cruises at 140 kt powered by its Austro Engine of 168 hp, has more than 7 h of endurance at best and more load-carrying capacity than the older  TDI variants.

Of interest to all IFR pilots, it has practically all PBN approvals possible in its category (B-RNAV, P-RNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV, etc.).

Such a DA40NG can also be yours in about a year’s time if you order one now (approx. price 480k€) — get in touch now, as Aeropole Denmark is also the Diamond sales representative for Denmark. For those preferring to rent ours by the hour, it is available currently at 2280 DKK/h. Terms and conditions apply, and prices are subject to change.

FI/IRI Refresher Seminar 25th and 26th of April

Aeropole will arrange a FI/IRI refresher seminar on Apr 25-26, 2019 at 09.00-16.00. Both days are taking place at Malmi Airport. Please register your attendance not later than 17th of April.

Price: 315 EUR (incl. VAT 24%). For more information and registrations please contact us. Welcome!

Aeropole Denmark Gets One More Diamond!

Again a new bird in one of our nests — this time it’s Aeropole Denmark and Aalborg (EKYT) in particular that can offer also the familiar DA40-TDI/G1000 for rental and as an all-round VFR and IFR school plane. Pick-up of OH-KAN is scheduled for mid-February at the Diamond factory in Wiener Neustadt. Although the plane  originally dates from 2008, it’s in like-new condition after a very thorough overhaul at the Diamond factory culminating in fresh paint and livery in Aeropole colours. The engine is a very recent Technify (a.k.a Thielert or Centurion) 2.0 litres with only 100 hours on it, and the propeller is also practically new. The plane also has the KAP140 autopilot. Needless to say we are very happy in Aalborg now to have our hangar full of Diamonds: something for everyone (DA20-C1, DA40-TDI, DA40NG, plus the visiting DA42NG-VI upon need).


OH-KAN at the Diamond factory.

Again, Yet Another Diamond Eclipse (DA20-C1) Joins Our Fleet

Just barely three months after the previous Diamond DA20-C1/G500 joined our fleet, we have now again grown our fleet with another DA20-C1, OH-KAP. The aircraft is a state-of-the-art two-seater basic trainer with Garmin G500 glass cockpit. This acquisition grows the number of DA20-C1’s in our fleet to a total of six (6).  Learn more about our aircraft.

Aeropole and DA62 at the Danish Airshow in Aalborg on June 10th, 2018

Aeropole will be present at the Danish Airshow in Aalborg on June 10th, 2018, and showcasing the Diamond DA62 for prospective aircraft owners who are looking for a modern and comfortable twin-engine piston aircraft. Contact us beforehand to ensure a personal slot for getting to know its features in detail.

Update 10-Jun-2018: if you got a bit scared of the rainy weather and missed the opportunity, below is proof that there were breaks in the rain. Contact us at info@aeropole.fi for the DA62, or info@aeropole.dk for the training courses offered locally in Aalborg. Thanks to all the visitors who came despite the weather!


New Prices as of 15 June 2018

To maintain our promise to you and provide outstanding pilot training and customer service, we will be modifying our pricing as of 15 June 2018. The new prices are already available on our price list. We will provide training with the old prices for those clients who sign up for their training before the 15th of June 2018, so don’t hesitate anymore, take off to the skies now!

Malmi Fly-in on 26-27 May

Aeropole will be present at the Malmi Fly-in event on the Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May 2018 at Helsinki-Malmi Airport. Read more here: helsinkiflyin.fi