Price list added

Our price list has now been published. Check it out here!

Aeropole offers premium-quality flight instruction by highly experienced flight instructors. Our training programmes are carefully thought-out and all training is tailored to Your needs. In short, we promise you will get your money’s worth!

Aeropole online facelift

We gave our website a facelift with a fresh new look. Check out our Facebook page too!

And we are not going to stop here. There is heavy work in progress on our Online Learning Portal to improve our customer’s distance learning experience. Stay tuned!

PPL Ground School – New Session Every Month

UPDATE 9-Oct-2011: The next PPL ground school sessions are scheduled for Sat 12-Nov-2011 from 09:00 till 15:00. Topics are COM, OPS, GFS and MET — students are requested to register ASAP. A full calendar of upcoming sessions is now confirmed, see more… Read more

Great Prizes for the Frequent Flyers!

In this year’s airport spotting competition ( Aeropole and Lemberg Aviation have teamed up to offer

PPL/NF Courses Now Rolling

Subsequent to the Finnish CAA’s approval, we are now offering the PPL(A) and NF(A) courses. Our theories are distance learning, so get yourself going by contacting us now—we don’t expect any large up-front payments. Training schedules are individually tailored and the 20h of on-site ground school can be flexibly arranged for (very) small groups.

OH-KAS is Back

OH-KAS (DA40-180) is now officially released back to service with a new engine and propeller. An additional bonus is the increased MTOM of 1200 kg.

Update 29-Jul-2011: The aircraft has completed its break-in, allowing for normal use in training, including stalls and other idle-power maneuvers. If you are not checked out on the aircraft yet, get in touch!

PPL Course Starting Soon

Aeropole will start training new PPL students later this summer. Details will be announced upon Aeropole receiving the CAA’s approval, but aspiring private pilots are encouraged to contact Aeropole as early as possible!

Aeropole’s PPL course will also be an ideal start for any future commercial or airline pilot as the first step towards a career in aviation.

Read on OH-KAS in "Siivet"

There is a 5-page article on OH-KAS in the latest Siivet magazine (4/2011, in Finnish).

The aircraft itself should be back in service with a new engine in a couple of weeks. Now meanwhile it’s the perfect time to read up on the AFM and practice the use of G1000 with the simulator! Type checkouts will continue as soon as the aircraft is released back to service.

New DA40/G1000 Course Planned for July

In anticipation of our main tool, OH-KAS (the G1000-equipped DA40), returning to service with a new engine, we’re planning a new occasion of DA40/G1000 training with the same structure as announced earlier (see below). Sign up to receive a notification of dates when they are fixed—you can even affect the exact dates if you wish by giving your preferred dates. (This of course implies no commitment on your part yet!)

DA42NG Available

In addition to the DA20 and DA40, we can now also offer a DA42NG for rental by qualified pilots, as well as for MEP(/IR) check rides.