OH-KAS is Back

OH-KAS (DA40-180) is now officially released back to service with a new engine and propeller. An additional bonus is the increased MTOM of 1200 kg.

Update 29-Jul-2011: The aircraft has completed its break-in, allowing for normal use in training, including stalls and other idle-power maneuvers. If you are not checked out on the aircraft yet, get in touch!

PPL Course Starting Soon

Aeropole will start training new PPL students later this summer. Details will be announced upon Aeropole receiving the CAA’s approval, but aspiring private pilots are encouraged to contact Aeropole as early as possible!

Aeropole’s PPL course will also be an ideal start for any future commercial or airline pilot as the first step towards a career in aviation.

Read on OH-KAS in "Siivet"

There is a 5-page article on OH-KAS in the latest Siivet magazine (4/2011, in Finnish).

The aircraft itself should be back in service with a new engine in a couple of weeks. Now meanwhile it’s the perfect time to read up on the AFM and practice the use of G1000 with the simulator! Type checkouts will continue as soon as the aircraft is released back to service.

New DA40/G1000 Course Planned for July

In anticipation of our main tool, OH-KAS (the G1000-equipped DA40), returning to service with a new engine, we’re planning a new occasion of DA40/G1000 training with the same structure as announced earlier (see below). Sign up to receive a notification of dates when they are fixed—you can even affect the exact dates if you wish by giving your preferred dates. (This of course implies no commitment on your part yet!)

DA42NG Available

In addition to the DA20 and DA40, we can now also offer a DA42NG for rental by qualified pilots, as well as for MEP(/IR) check rides.

New offices at Helsinki-Malmi

Aeropole is expanding to new offices in the main terminal at Helsinki-Malmi airport. The new premises will be equipped as dedicated briefing facilities, suitable for flight preparation and ground school for up to four students at a time, with a students’ lounge for enjoying a good cup of coffee while reading aviation magazines. The old space in the south wing will continue to serve as personnel’s offices. The interior decoration is still work in progress as of today, but we hope to be able to welcome you on the ground floor, to the right of the main terminal entrance, still later in June!

G1000 and DA40-180 Theory course

Aeropole will arrange a 3-evening Garmin 1000 EFIS and Diamond DA40-180 theoretical course on 26-28.4.2011, 18-21 o’clock.

View the Course Brochure

Tue 26 Apr 2011 18:00-21:00: DA40-180 as a type; Lycoming IO-360 and constant speed propeller (OH-KAS).
Wed 27 Apr 2011 18:00-21:00: G1000 basics: PFD and engine instruments; generalities, failures.
Thu 28 Apr 2011 18:00-21:00: G1000 continued: MFD, navigation and useful functions.

The course will be held in Finnish or English as required. Written material (slides and handouts) is in English. The G1000 will further be demonstrated using a PC simulator — we’ll try to have those for sale on the spot, too.

Location: Central Helsinki city.
Attendance fee: 30 EUR per evening (incl. VAT 23%) — payment on the spot or prepayment by invoice; prior registration required. (NB: Those who already attended the respective lectures in November can attend for free. The structure follows that of the November lectures but materials and presentations have been improved since.)

Please use the Contact Us form to register for the course. Remember to mention on which evenings you will attend. In order for us to choose a large enough meeting facility, please  register by Apr 24th! The exact venue will be announced later once the number of participants is known.

Instructors wanted!

See the recruitment flyer here (pdf).

Aeropole is looking for new flight instructors to join its dynamic team. In preparation of our upcoming PPL and NF courses, we are currently seeking two more persons to join us on a part-time basis for May 2011 and onwards:

  1. One experienced flight instructor
  2. One junior flight instructor

Experienced instructor requirements:

  • valid unrestricted FI(A) and SEP ratings
  • 500 h of instruction
  • current SEP/IR (or substantial IFR experience)
  • even if you already have knowledge of different training programmes and pedagogic systems, an open mind for learning
  • IRI rating is a benefit
  • management experience in an FTO is a benefit

Junior instructor requirements:

  • FI(A) rating, restricted or not.
  • Willingness to both learn and teach: We will provide the necessary guidance for you to instruct successfully using our training programmes, with supervision and tutoring by senior flight instructors.

We expect you to have good flying skills and a safety-first attitude. Equally important are your interest and skills in teaching both on the ground and in the air. These are flight instructor positions, but we at Aeropole put a lot of emphasis on proper ground instruction in conjunction with the flight lessons. We put the client first, and many of our clients are mature adults expecting to see instructors with professional attire and attitude. Your ability to listen and adapt the style of your instruction to students of various backgrounds is as important as your abilities to drive the lessons through as defined.

Both roles require at least a valid JAR CPL(A), SE piston, Class 1 medical and English proficiency ICAO level 5 or 6. Airline  experience (flight and management), strong language skills and/or recently passed ATPL theories are an asset.

These are part-time positions based at Helsinki-Malmi (EFHF). Preference will be given to applicants able to work, at least periodically, also on weekdays during normal working hours.

Contact us today for more details!

Ps. Aeropole is also constantly keeping an eye out for competent ground instructors. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have the suitable skills and experience. CRI’s: take note of our other offerings and if they are in line with your experience, let us know!

Aeropole launched

Aeropole is now open to students who would like familiarisation and differences training on the DA40-180 with the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.
Training will be provided on the newest bird at Helsinki-Malmi, OH-KAS.

Contact us to arrange your flight!